At the height of fashion still shines strict Kare

The most current hairstyles this summer.

First of all, it is worth noting that the fashion for haircuts and styling changes much more slowly than other trends. So maybe you have a year to go, the haircut of the season and did not even know it or, conversely, translux anti-trend. Therefore, the latest hairstyle we will discuss below, reports Rus.Media.

The classic Bob

На піку моди все ще блищить суворе каре

At the height of fashion still shines smooth, simply quads without bangs. The most stylish way to wear a haircut: extended smooth hair with a straight parting, tucked behind her ears. However, this option is not for everyone, so if you are the owner of ideal facial features, it is better not to experiment with the caret.

Quick Pix

На піку моди все ще блищить суворе каре

If even just a few years ago, this haircut was more masculine and short, now in Vogue natural peaks. Owners of the slightly curly hair are lucky, they don’t need to invent with tongs, trying to style textured hair, they have already tried nature.

The elongated tuft with a curtain

На піку моди все ще блищить суворе каре

Crest, which for the third year captivates the minds of all fashionistas. Its infinite pluses: it’s not whimsical in styling, it comes to any type of face and harmoniously looks with different length hair. Konna second, I think, already tried on myself. And if you don’t have time, it’s not too late to fix it!

Low ponytail

На піку моди все ще блищить суворе каре

If we are talking about high fashion, it’s hard not to notice that fashion week almost all models came out with a low ponytail, tied with a fabric band. Rejoice all those who since the childhood remember these cute styling that mom did to us in kindergarten.

Choose what you like more, given the structural features of your face and stay stylish.

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