7 types of greens! – grow drugs in the garden and the windowsill

And do not need any pills!

7 видів корисної зелені! - вирощуйте ліки на грядках та підвіконні

Here is almost come the summer. This means that we will finally be able to spoil yourself with fresh salads that I just can’t imagine without the green. Parsley, dill, cilantro, celery, green onion, watercress, Basil and other aromatic herbs vitaminiziruet our weakened after a long winter the organisms. And greens makes an unforgettable taste to many dishes, reports Rus.Media.

Favor of the greens

Parsley-a source of vitamins

In such common herbs like parsley, vitamin C content is 4 times higher than the amount in the lemon! Parsley has beta-carotene, vitamins A, E, b group; minerals: selenium, fluoride, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, terpenes, glycosides, flavonoids and inulin — amazing natural polysaccharide that protects us from many diseases and reduces the risk of cancer.

Eating parsley helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, relieves swelling, strengthens eyesight, improves potency and rejuvenates the skin.

However, Petrushka, like many useful products, there are contraindications: not recommended often use it for kidney stones and pregnancy — if the parsley in the diet a lot, it can cause miscarriage.

7 видів корисної зелені! - вирощуйте ліки на грядках та підвіконні

Dill: use broad-spectrum

Fennel contains the same vitamins and minerals, and parsley, but it has also vitamin e, essential vessels and capillaries. It makes the wall durable and reduces permeability.

The consumption of dill can get rid of many diseases. Fennel improves digestion, rids the body of toxins and bile, strengthens the heart muscle and relieves headache. In addition, in combination with other products dill promotes better absorption of nutrients.

In dill contains a lot of vitamins, selenium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and other nutrients.

7 видів корисної зелені! - вирощуйте ліки на грядках та підвіконні

Cilantro: Chinese health elixir

In Ancient China the cilantro was treated with special respect. This green improves the blood, heart muscle and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. This fragrant herb contains vitamins of various groups, amino acids and minerals.

Daily consumption of a small amount of cilantro is able to organize the work of the digestive tract, to restore the nervous system and cleanse the body of toxins and cholesterol. In addition, cilantro is able to improve memory.

7 видів корисної зелені! - вирощуйте ліки на грядках та підвіконні

Celery: leafy greens for weight loss

It turns out that celery is a great help to all those who wants to lose weight. In petioles of celery are so low in calories that it is considered a product with negative calories: in order to digest raw celery, the body spends more energy than it receives from it.

In folk medicine this plant is used as anti-inflammatory, wound healing, sedative, but at the same time, celery is considered a powerful sexual stimulant. Celery and its juice help to cope with depression, since they have a lot of magnesium. It is known that depression often resulted from the lack of this element.

Unfortunately, this useful green plant many contraindications. It is not are pregnant (potential miscarriage) and breast feeding (this is a bad influence on lactation). Epilepsy celery might provoke an attack, with kidney stones celery threat — the stones can begin to move.

7 видів корисної зелені! - вирощуйте ліки на грядках та підвіконні

Spinach: leafy greens, which gives strength to

Do you remember the cartoon about Popeye, which became many times stronger by eating spinach? Of course, we should not expect from this plant a similar effect, however, is useful spinach has a wide range of effects on the body.

Spinach can give the person strength because it strengthens the immune system. Adding fresh spinach to salads, soups and other dishes, as well as drinking the broth from it, you can get rid of a headache, relieve fatigue, stress, to restore the bowels, strengthen bone tissue and normalize blood sugar levels. In addition, spinach removes from the body toxins that helps to cleanse the skin of the face and body.

7 видів корисної зелені! - вирощуйте ліки на грядках та підвіконні

Chives: improves the immune system

Chives consists mainly of water, up to 90 %. The remaining 10% comes from a variety of dietary fiber, minerals (Nickel, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus), vitamins a, C, folic acid and a moderate amount of b vitamins (B1, B2, B3 and B6).

The useful property of green onions is that it contains a very small amount of calories and therefore is an excellent dietary food.

Since time immemorial, people know how important green onions, and useful properties of this plant have been used for many centuries. And even if you don’t like the sharp taste of the green onions, it is worth to include in your diet at least in moderate doses, the body will definitely thank you.

7 видів корисної зелені! - вирощуйте ліки на грядках та підвіконні

Basil: a fragrant Dr.

The ancient physician Avicenna gave Basil if not mystical properties. He believed that Basil knows how to affect the human body. Tired man, this plant gives strength, and perenapryazhenie relaxing.

For constipation it acts as a laxative, and in the opposite situations reinforces the chair. Anyway, Basil, useful properties of which are known to people for thousands of years, combines a lot of nutrients.

The Basilica contains camphor, vitamins C, K and E, essential weight and carotene. The combination of these substances makes the plant indispensable for colds, fatigue, anemia and vitamin deficiency. In addition, in ancient times it was believed that Basil can prevent aging and give the skin a healthy glow.

7 видів корисної зелені! - вирощуйте ліки на грядках та підвіконні

Watercress: the lifeblood

It is no secret that this small plant hides a huge life force. Use watercress is to keep such important minerals as potassium, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, along with vitamins K, E, C, B, D and A.

European scientists say that eating this salad is capable of preventing the damage to blood cells and, as a consequence, to protect yourself from blood cancer.

For aging skin use watercress is manifested in the daily wiping the face with ice cubes made from mineral water and the juice of this remarkable plant.

7 видів корисної зелені! - вирощуйте ліки на грядках та підвіконні

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