7 things that happen to people while they are praying

5 of them happen always!

7 речей, які трапляються з людьми, поки вони моляться

God hears your prayers. It’s amazing! Turning to Him through prayer, you are able to change their own lives. You always get an answer to prayer. No matter what or whom you pray. It is important that you turn to God, reports Rus.Media.

Here are 7 incredible things that happen when you pray:

The time stops

Prayer has an amazing ability to slow down time. When it seems that there are a lot of concerns and problems, pray – discuss what is bothering you. It always helps.

You become closer to the Creator

Prayer is your direct connection with God. Talking to Him, you approach Him, you become a more spiritual person, you will discover your destiny.

You help others

Sincere prayer for the people that are important to you, will not remain unanswered. Let loved ones know that you are praying for them, is a testimony of your love for him. And to God.

You get rid of your burden

Prayer eases the soul, gives the opportunity to free themselves from guilt, especially if you know that God loves all his children, no matter what.

You communicate with the souls of the dead

During prayer, you enter into conversation with those who left this world with the saints, with family, with loved ones. They can help you in your request.

You glorify God

Prayer is an act of worship to God. In prayer you are praising Him for all He has done and will do for you. All that you will find bad or good will do you only good.

You are cleansed from sin

Your sincere repentance works wonders – God is ready to forgive you all your sins. What matters is that you did not return to a sinful life, lived according to his commandments.

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