7 factors that slow your metabolism

And you do not guess.

7 чинників, які сповільнюють ваш метаболізм

We all know that the speed of the metabolism depends our harmony and wellbeing. To speed it up you can use certain foods, smaller meals, exercise and contrast shower. In this case, the rate of metabolism is influenced by many factors, and some of them you can not even guess. Please note the following 7 points — they can slow down your metabolism, and get rid of them, you will come in perfect shape to fly much faster, reports Rus.Media.


You do not eat enough dairy products. Study of the canadian McMaster University has shown that women who consume three servings of dairy products a day, faster gaining muscle mass and their metabolism works better than women who eat little “milk”. (But it is worth noting that scandinavi limit the consumption of dairy products, and it looks fine).


The temperature in your bedroom is too high. In the experiment, conducted by the National Institutes of Health found, it was found that during sleep at a moderate temperature of brown adipose tissue is burned more actively. Try to keep the temperature of your room did not exceed 18.8°C and spend more time in the fresh air — it will affect your metabolism only a positive effect.


You do not eat carbohydrates. Indeed, the low-carb diet helps to lose weight, but you don’t have to completely abandon their use. Especially if you exercise. “During exercise, the body needs glycogen, which is stored carbohydrate in your inventory. But if you do not eat enough carbohydrates, glycogen levels will be too low and you will not have energy to engage in intensive,” says Brian St. Pierre, head coach at Precision Nutrition organization. In addition, because of the lack of carbohydrates your body will burn less calories after a workout. To avoid this, try to eat small portion of carbohydrates with each meal (eg: oats, brown rice or sweet potato).


You eat wrong products. Instead of low-calorie snacks, such as cereal chips, choose nuts, a small serving of walnuts increases the burning of calories during the day, proved The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


Your workouts are not active enough. High intensity interval training (HIIT) can burn more calories than workout, during which you exercise at a continuous pace.


Do you use regular salt instead of sea. Sea salt is rich in beneficial trace elements, and its taste superior to the usual taste of salt, sea salt iodine is present, which positively affects metabolism. However, to remedy the lack of this element can be used in other products — seaweed and seaweed, shrimp, eggs and cod.


You spend a little time in the sun. Daylight is essential for the normal functioning of the body and, in particular, for a correct metabolism. Try to start the day with a workout, jog or at least walk in the fresh air — this activity will have a positive influence on the circadian rhythm, which, in turn, regulates sleep and metabolism.

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