12 gifts not to give

The decision on the choice of gifts should be approached responsibly and carefully.

12 подарунків які не можна дарувати

So as not to inadvertently leave the soul in a human negative emotions and not to bring him suffering and various troubles. There are many things that carry negative energy. They are not only gifts, traditionally representing a time the approach of disease and old age, but many other subjects about the negativity that many may not realize, reports Rus.Media.

You must list and describe the things to choose as a gift is not recommended under any circumstances.


Since ancient times it is believed that this item has some magical powers. There is a statement that, once in the hands of an experienced magician, the mirror helps to perform various magical rituals. For example, if “hex” mirror to give to a young successful person, then you can take her entire youth, success and beauty.

Often you can find statements that mirror serves as a portal to other worlds. But especially dangerous is to accept the gift of an ancient mirror. She is able to retain the information and energy of all the people who ever looked in his reflection.

Over a long period of time the mirror surface was able to absorb the energy of many deaths, grief and the accidents of human fate. In addition, people are of the opinion that the mirror surface can store and restless souls of long-dead people, those who died voluntarily.


It is considered that given clock bring all sorts of misfortunes. If they present as a wedding gift, they start to count time for the honeymoon, spent in harmony and love. This will inevitably lead to quarrels and as a result, to divorce. And if, for example, to give a wall clock the head of the organization, it is a long time to take this position it will not work.

Chinese doll porcelain

The thing is that these dolls are made according to the prototype of the living. In other words, the doll’s face reflects the features of a real person, repeats his expressions, gaze, smile. That is the power of a certain person can live in the doll. And it is not known how this will affect the health and livelihoods of those people to whom they were donated.


It is not recommended to give gifts in the form of forks, knives, daggers. These items will bring to the house of negative energy. It is believed that such gifts bring to the lives of the person they donated, just quarrels, feuds and troubles.

The figures of birds

As well as knives, figurines of birds is able to bring into the house of misery and Woe. This is due to the superstition that lies in the fact that the bird is a symbol of heavy noise. Not for nothing is that accidentally flew into the window the bird brings sorrow.

Slippers, mittens and gloves

Especially it is not necessary to present these gifts to the elderly. After all, such gifts are able to remind them of the coming age.

And given gloves or gloves is a harbinger of what the giver intends to terminate the relationship with the gift recipient. No wonder in ancient times, causing a duel, has thrown down the gauntlet.

As for a gift in the form of Slippers, some believe that this is a very bad omen, promising a quick death to the person they donated to.

Empty bags, wallets and backpacks

To avoid financial problems in people who have to give as a gift these things inside they need to invest paper money bill. What it will more the better.

Items associated with illness

You cannot give those items that are somehow reminiscent of the disease. For example, the inhaler, the heating pad, blood pressure monitor, a corset to the spine.


Live animals is better not to give if there is no certainty that the man she dreams about a specific animal particular breed. If I had to give a gift, it is necessary to take the animal for ransom – a symbolic amount of money. Otherwise, the animal can run away from their master or ill-health.

Underwear, handkerchiefs, socks

Undergarments and socks are not recommended to present a gift to their men. It is believed that it can cause pious on treason, and on the far road. There is a perception that donated socks a harbinger of what her husband will go out of the house and the more it wants to return.

Donated handkerchiefs brought into the house with tears. It’s no wonder those scarves that are in the process of the funeral ceremony, leave the cemetery, not taking with him into the house.


By itself, the pearls or jewellery in which it is present, will bring its owner are strangers to tears. After all, it is a symbol of the tears of mermaids, which has turned the young drowned.

Carnation, red-black bouquet, an even number of flowers

It is believed that to give carnations a bad sign. It will bring trouble and all sorts of human miseries to which they were donated.

Also considered a bad sign to make and give the bouquet, which contains in its composition of only the colors red and black. This bouquet symbolizes death.

And, of course, one of the most “dangerous” gifts, symbolizing death, is exalted to the living man is a bouquet composed of an even number of flowers.

You can re-gift gifts?

I want to remind you that to give gifts is also not recommended. It is believed that energy is the first recipient of the gift remains there forever. And who knows what this energy can negative? In any case, it is alien and will not bring anything good to the next owners of this gift.

In conclusion, it should be noted that if it so happened that give some of the above gifts still had to be sure to require a ransom in the form of a symbolic sum of money. Then all the negative energy from this gift will go.

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