200 residents resign in protest of 26-hour shifts

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 200 residents resign in protest against 26-hour shifts

Two hundred medical residents are due to hand in their resignations at 2:00 pm on Thursday due to a longstanding dispute with the Department of Health over long shifts.

Work shifts for trainee doctors currently last 26 hours. Physicians are demanding shifts be reduced to 16-18 hours, arguing that their inability to concentrate for such long periods of time without rest endangers both healthcare workers and patients.

Mirsham, an organization that represents trainee doctors , issued an ultimatum to the Ministry of Health demanding that their demands be met by 2:00 pm on Thursday, August 25.

In addition to the 200 residents who are expected to submit their resignations on Thursday, another 300 interns also signed resignations about dismissal and threaten to file them if the Ministry of Health does not meet the demands of the doctors.

The resignation does not take effect until two weeks after the letter was handed over to the employer, giving the Ministry of Health another 14 days to try to prevent a mass layoff of young professionals.

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz supported protesting residents on Wednesday and laid the blame entirely on the Treasury Department, saying that “the Ministry of Health supports the reduction of work shifts” and insisting that there “is a budget” for it.

Horowitz said the Treasury Department “had broken its obligations” hellip; and hindered the implementation of the process.”

“I would like the employees of the Ministry of Finance to work 26 hours in a row”, — he chuckled.

While the government had originally agreed to cut shifts by April this year, the July announcement said the change would be delayed until September 2023, sparking outrage among healthcare workers.

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