200 fishermen rescued from broken ice floe in Minnesota

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 200 fishermen rescued from broken ice floe in Minnesota

In Minnesota, a large-scale operation has been successfully completed to rescue fishermen, lovers of underwater fishing, stuck on a huge ice floe that broke away from the shore of the Upper Red Lake. In total, about 200 people were removed from the ice floe.

The incident occurred in the most popular place for winter anglers, where a specialized ice fishing resort, JR's Corner, is actually organized for them.
< br /> In the local sheriff's office, they say that the ice broke very slowly and imperceptibly: the fishermen, carried away by their occupation, did not immediately discover that they were separated from the shore by a strip of water a few meters wide.

Ice water in the lake and a depth of more than 25 meters ruled out attempts to overcome this small, at first glance, the distance by swimming.

calmly waited for the rescuers.

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