19 deaths per day: COVID expert report and warnings in Israel

During the day & ndash; 19 deaths: expert report and warnings about COVID in Israel

For the day, September 23, in Israel, about 19 patients died from complications caused by the coronavirus COVID-19.

Thus, since the beginning of September, a total of 529 people have died.

On the same day, researchers from the Hebrew University met with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. They assumed with cautious optimism that the incidence rate in the country is expected to decline within 10 days.

However, experts warned that it will take much longer to reduce the number of severe cases due to the unvaccinated population.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, as of the morning of September 24, 703 people are in serious condition, of which 203 & ndash; connected to ventilators.

“The virus is spreading among the unvaccinated population or among those who, after the expiration of two vaccinations, have not received a third dose”, & ndash; said the researchers.

Experts advising the government believe that the current course of the fight against coronavirus should be immediately revised, tightening restrictions, before the healthcare system collapses due to the large influx of patients.
< The researchers also warned that returning from holidays to work and school could lead to an increase in the incidence.

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