18 years later: now looks like jade from the series “Clone”

18 лет спустя: как сейчас выглядит Жади из сериала "Клон"

Actress Giovanna Antonelli has changed beyond recognition.

The cult TV series “Clone” made world-famous artists, including a favorite of the audience Giovanna Antonelli, who 17 years ago played the role of the protagonist – jade. Searing brunette was remembered to fans of expressive facial features and long hair. Recently, however, the star of the series “Clone” I decided to experiment with the image, writes the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

43-year-old Giovanna Antonelli made a short cut and dyed her hair – actress was blonde. Such changes are discouraged fans, who for all 250 series saw favorite jade in the form of a fatal brunette.

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The opinion of fans was divided. Some in the comments leave compliments Giovanna Antonelli, others sharply criticized for change: “Beautiful, Perfectly beautiful!”, “You look terrible with this blond hair!!! I’m not criticizing, I’m telling the truth”,” I like your natural, sensual and feminine beauty”

18 лет спустя: как сейчас выглядит Жади из сериала "Клон"

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