1700-year-old mosaic opens at the Archaeological Center in Lod

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 1700-year-old mosaic opens at Lod Archaeological Center < /p>

One of the world's most beautiful mosaics was discovered in Lod in 1996 by Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologist Miriam Avishar during excavations before the expansion of Hechalutz Street in the city. Later, the “Archaeological Center of Shelby White and Leon Levy Mosaic in Lod” was built on this site. The 1700-year-old mosaic is unique in its workmanship, maintenance and preservation.

It served as the floor of the living room of a villa that was part of the area of ​​wealthy houses in Lod during the Roman and Byzantine periods.

Mosaic the panel, measuring 17 by 9 meters, consists of colorful “rugs” on which mammals, birds, fish, plant species and even ships are depicted in great detail. The influence of North African mosaic art is clearly felt in the design.

Also It is interesting to note that, unlike other mosaics of that period, there are no images of people.

During the construction of the center, another colorful mosaic was discovered, which was part of the courtyard of the villa. It also became part of the center's exposition and available to visitors.

 1700-year-old mosaic opens at Lod Archaeological Center

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