16 years later, girl proves she's Madeline McCann's missing child

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 After 16 years, a girl proves she is Madeline McCann's missing child

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Julia Wendell from Poland has launched an Instagram account called @iammadeleinemcann. The account went viral after a series of photographs showed her resemblance to a British girl who went missing 16 years ago. The page has already amassed almost 500,000 followers who are interested in the latest twist in one of the world's most infamous cold cases.

In this account, the 21-year-old revealed that she began to wonder if she was Madeline a few months ago after hearing something from my grandmother.

Madeline McCannise of Leicestershire in the United Kingdom disappeared from her bed in a holiday apartment in the Portuguese resort town of Praia da Luz on the evening of 3 May 2007. She was three years old, that is, if she were alive today, she would be 19. However, German investigators believe that Madeline was killed by a sex maniac, Christian Brückner. Despite a long search and numerous police investigations, Madeline's body was never found.

Julia — the latest in a string of unsubstantiated claims from people claiming they could be Madeline, but her likeness has gotten a lot of attention online.

In one video, Julia showed marks on her body similar to Madeline's, helpfully adding red circles to illustrate her point.

Another image she takes as evidence shows her similar build faces.

Perhaps the most powerful — a photograph showing Julia having the same eye defect as the missing Madeline.

Julia told subscribers that she is not looking for fame and sincerely believes that she is Madeline, even asking her parents for proof of her birth and contacting the police.

”Police investigators from the UK and Poland are trying to ignore me. I I will tell my story in posts here. Help me. I asked for pictures of when my mom was pregnant with me, other medical records, and any pictures from my childhood, but she never shows them, she just always tells me I'm crazy. My school teacher, when I was very young, said that I was not there from the very beginning, but my parents insist that I was. After all this confusion, I started doing my own research and found out what happened to Madeline McCann and started to piece together the similarities that we had. It was so hard to get people to listen to me”, — she wrote on Instagram.

As a result of growing interest in Julia, she reportedly caught the attention of Madeline's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann. The girl wants to do a DNA test to compare it with their DNA.

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