150,000 M16 rounds stolen from IDF base

150,000 M16 rounds were stolen from the IDF base

Channel 13 of Israeli TV reported a gigantic theft of ammunition from the IDF base in the north of the country.

They were stolen from a military base near Safed a month and a half ago about 150 thousand cartridges for the M16 automatic rifle. The robbery of the base will not only lead to the fact that a huge amount of ammunition will be received by criminals and terrorist elements, it will also affect the combat readiness of the IDF in the event of hostilities.

The military police have not yet tracked down those who stole the ammunition.

The ammunition was stolen from the Alexandroni Reserve Brigade base in Ein Zeitim. The ammunition was removed from the warehouses, ostensibly in case of an emergency. Police claim that 150,000 rounds of ammunition have been stolen, while the army claims that “ less was stolen. ''

A source in the IDF said: “ It just undermines combat capability. If they raised the alarm that day, we simply wouldn't have ammunition. ''

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