1500 shekels per hour. Record salaries of doctors in sickness funds

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 1500 shekels per hour. Record salaries of doctors in health insurance funds

Israeli TV Channel 12 reports an acute shortage of doctors in Israeli health insurance funds. As a result, the salaries of specialists have increased.

Pediatricians are especially lacking. In some polyclinics, pediatricians receive salaries of up to 80,000 shekels per month. Even young doctors who have just finished their residency are earning very large salaries in the public health system.

Health insurance companies are forced to compete with each other due to an acute shortage of professionals – and offer doctors higher and higher salaries.< br />
Some gynecologists earn 1,500 shekels an hour, 12,000 shekels a day. A full-time gynecologist in the HMO system can earn up to NIS 240,000 per month.

Dr. Adi Niv-Yagoda, public health expert: “We have reached an incredible salary level of NIS 1,500 per hour . Ultimately, it is our money that we all pay. The money goes to salaries, not to the development of the healthcare system. We need more doctors to stop this crazy competition”.

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