150-year-old miniature Torah scroll up for auction in Jerusalem

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 150-year-old miniature Torah scroll up for auction in Jerusalem< /p>

An intriguing Torah scroll is currently up for sale at the Tag Art auction in Jerusalem. This is a 150-year-old book written in Germany — the height of the scroll is only 7.6 cm, and the text is only 6 cm — 42 lines per page.

This is an impressive work of art, because it is very difficult to create such a small Torah scroll. made of silver and placed in a tiny ark. Usually small scrolls were made by special order for especially wealthy people or important rabbis, so that they could take them with them on travels.

Although it is very small scroll, the auction house has made it clear that it meets all the halakhic criteria for writing Torah scrolls. The starting price of the lot is $88,000, and the auction house expects it to rise to $120-150,000 during the auction.

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