15-year-old schoolboy accused of raping classmates

15-year-old student accused of raping female classmates

A teenager attending a prestigious high school is suspected of raping girls who study with him. The attacks perpetrated by him did not take place on school grounds, but in another part of the city.

A restraining order was imposed on the details of the investigation, as well as on the details of the suspect and the applicants.

Currently, all systems are working to help girls and their families. The school management is also in a state of shock. According to the information received, the problem teenager joined them in school recently. According to the parents of the pupils of the school, in the previous school the guy had problems with aggression and violence, but the parents, instead of solving this situation with specialists, simply transferred him to another school and left everything as it is.

As a result, the investigation was conducted in secret for two weeks, until the police received a complaint about the same guy from a girl who was sexually abused by him. The police then received a series of complaints from other victims.

The story was aired on 103 FM on the Sheva Teisha program. Tel Aviv Municipal Committee Chairman Eyal Lebanon said that “This is a serious case. Several girls were injured, and the biggest fears of their parents turned into a nightmare & rdquo ;.

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