15 schoolchildren implicated in severe sexual assault case

15 schoolchildren were involved in serious sexual assault case

ynet has released the first details of a serious sexual assault case in a school in the northern Negev.

The only significant new detail reported by the portal is in & ldquo; incidents & rdquo; 15 students of the school are implicated.

The school's name has already been tainted with similar cases in the past, as a result of which its principal was fired.

After new incidents became known, the council school students declared a one-day strike. Students reported, “We are on strike because of the sharp deterioration in several areas of our school life.” ;.

and in existing legislation. ” Teachers report: We face this stress and feel voiceless and helpless The system refuses to be flexible and adapt to new realities We feel vulnerable and defenseless, we demand resources to make the necessary structural changes. ”

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