15 most expensive residential areas in Israel

15 most expensive residential areas in Israel

According to the Yad2 rating, there are currently 15 expensive locations in the country for purchasing real estate. And whatever you think to yourself, no matter how you groan, the demand for this property is growing.

On Yitzhak Elhanan Street in Tel Aviv's Neve Tzedek District, or on Vermeza Street in the old part of northern Tel Aviv, average prices are high due to new tower projects built there. In such settlements as Kfar Shmaryahu, Savyon and Caesarea and in Herzliya Pituach, the cost depends partly on the type of property and its size – large and prestigious houses with a large area.

The cost of housing also depends on economic opportunities those who move to these areas are people with good incomes, with a high socio-economic status. Well, the districts themselves are located in the center of the country, not on the periphery.

High-tech specialists adjust prices very strongly, preferring to live in the same place where they work, respectively, this raises the price up, especially for Herzliya Pituach.

1. Kfar Shmaryahu – the average price for a house is 18 500,000 million shekels.
2. Savillon – 14,800,000 million shekels.
3. Tel Aviv, Kerem Hatemanim district, Herbert Samuel street – 13.6 million shekels.
4. Tel -Aviv, Kochav Hatsafon district, Maurizio Vitale street – 13.4 million shekels.
5. Herzliya Pituach, President Yitzhak Ben Zvi Street – 12.7 million shekels.
6. Herzliya Pituach, Wingate Street – 12.6 million shekels.
7. Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek District, Yitzhak Elhanan Street, White City Project (Yitzhak Elhanan 15) – 12.5 million shekels.
8. Tel Aviv, Tsafon Hahadash District, Shalomzion Hamalka Street – 12 million NIS.
9. Herzliya Pituach, David Hamelech street – 11,280,000 shekels.
10. Herzliya Pituach, Shalva – 10,900,000 shekels.
11. Tel Aviv, Kerem Hatemanim district, Hayarkon street – 10,200,000 million
12. Tel Aviv, Rothschild Boulevard – 9.75 million shekels.
13. Ramat Hasharon, Kiryat Yaarim district, Merhav street – 9.5 million shekels.
14. Caesarea, Harakia and Cochavim streets – 9.3 million shekels.
15. Tel Aviv, Hatsafon Hayashan district, Vermeza street, Assuta Tel Aviv project (Vermeisa 15) – 8 800 000 million shekels.

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