15 February 2020 – what a holiday today: traditions, taboos and omens

15 лютого 2020 – яке сьогодні свято: традиції, заборони і прикмети

Today, February 15, believers celebrate Candlemas and the international day of children with cancer. Your attention traditions and superstitions on this day – find out what you can and cannot do!

Date 15 Feb made history several significant events and holidays.


On the Church calendar believers today celebrate the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ is a Christian holiday celebrated in Orthodoxy and Catholicism. The holiday was established in memory of this significant event for Christians meeting in the Temple of Jerusalem of Jesus with righteous elder Simeon.


On Saturday, February 15, nameday of the owners of such names are: Gabriel, the Agathodoros. Don’t forget to congratulate the heroes of the occasion with the Day of the angel!

15 лютого 2020 – яке сьогодні свято: традиції, заборони і прикмети


  • Presentation Of The Lord.
  • The international day of children with cancer.
  • 1054 — the beginning of construction of St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod.
  • 1574 in Lviv Ivan Fedorov published the first printed book in modern Ukrainian lands — “the Apostle.”
  • 1913 — in new York, opened the first exhibition of avant-garde art.
  • 1919 — Ukrainian national Rada adopted the law on the use of the Ukrainian language in public institutions.
  • 1922 — Guglielmo Marconi began regular broadcasting radio transmissions from Essex (England).
  • 1926 — spoken the longest in the history of parliamentary speech (Martinson Deputy in the Estonian Parliament, 11 hours).
  • 1931 — the first film about Dracula.
  • 1939 — in the regional broadcast of the newly formed Zaporizhia region was first heard callsigns “Radio Kiev”.
  • 1946 — officially announced the creation of the ENIAC, the first electronic computer in the world.
  • 1969 — Robert Edwards of the Physiological laboratories of the University of Cambridge carried out the first artificial insemination of human eggs.
  • 1989 — completed the withdrawal of the “limited contingent of Soviet troops” from Afghanistan (started may 15, 1988).
  • 1989 — in Kiev created the “Initiative Committee for the restoration of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Ukraine.”

15 лютого 2020 – яке сьогодні свято: традиції, заборони і прикмети



  • 1564 — Galileo Galilei, Italian philosopher, physicist and astronomer.
  • 1797 — Henry Eneland Steinway, American piano manufacturer.
  • 1817 — Charles-françois Daubigny, French painter (Barbizon school).
  • 1856 — Emil Kraepelin, German psychiatrist, the developer of the taxonomy of mental illnesses, the author of the cult of “Manual of psychiatry”.
  • 1861 — Charles Edouard Guillaume, French physicist, Nobel laureate.
  • 1873 — Hans Euler-Helpin, Swedish biochemist, Nobel laureate.
  • 1874 — Paolo Buzzi, Italian writer, one of the fathers of futurism..
  • 1899 — Georges auric, French composer.
  • 1915 — Robert Hofstader, American experimental physicist and Nobel laureate.
  • 1926 — Miyoko Matsutani, a Japanese writer.
  • 1933 — Savchenko, Vladimir Ivanovich, Ukrainian science fiction writer.
  • 1940 — Catherine Krupennikova, the Ukrainian film actress.
  • 1944 — Dzhokhar Dudayev, the leader of the Chechen liberation movement in the 1990-ies, the first President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.
  • 1947 — John Adams, American composer.
  • 1951 — Jane Seymour, American actress.
  • 1952 — Alexander Muratov, Ukrainian film Director.
  • 1953 — Hostikoev Anatoly, people’s artist of Ukraine, actor of the National academic drama theatre. I. Franko.
  • 1954 — Babak Vitaly Pavlovich, rector of the National aviation University.
  • 1954 — Met Rann, animator, Creator, creative consultant and producer of the cult cartoon series “the Simpsons” and “Futurama”.
  • 1974 — Alexander Wurz, Austrian race car driver, the pilot “Formulas-1”.

15 лютого 2020 – яке сьогодні свято: традиції, заборони і прикмети

Met Rainn


  • Quiet weather on this day foretells a good harvest in the fields, and swarming bees.
  • On Candlemas warm and Sunny – wait for warm spring.
  • If on Candlemas the snow falls – spring is late and cold.
  • To Meet the water dripping from the roof of the winter still will last a long time.
  • Under the eaves the icicles – for a good harvest of corn.
  • The wind is on Candlemas to harvest fruit trees.
  • If the tree is frost – give birth to well-buckwheat and potatoes.

15 лютого 2020 – яке сьогодні свято: традиції, заборони і прикмети


  • In the Presentation you can’t miss the festive service in the Church.
  • Prohibited heavy physical work, except that done gratuitously for the benefit of others.
  • You can’t miss to Meet this joyous holiday, which is usually fun.
  • Also, do not go on a long journey because it can end suddenly and badly.
  • In addition, they say that the Presentation not be put the money on the kitchen table so as not to frighten luck.

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