13-year-old 'driver' causes two Israelis to die in Sinai

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The causes of the death of Yuval Keshet and Matan Luzon in the Sinai a month and a half ago have become known.

A 13-year-old local resident was driving in the opposite lane in the Nubeya region, collided with a taxi in which there were 7 Israeli tourists. The taxi went off the road and overturned. Keshet and Luzon were killed and five more Israelis were injured.

The driver of the minivan was not injured. He was not arrested and no case was opened against him – as it now turned out, the culprit of the deaths was a 13-year-old boy. He drove against the direction of traffic for more than a kilometer before colliding with a taxi. Supposed. that the boy wanted to “cut” the road to Mazen and therefore was driving in the opposite direction.

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