13 most expensive mistakes in human history

Out of the blue…

13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

Everyone deep down thinks he’s so smart and insightful, reports Rus.Media. But life teaches us that even the most intelligent people sometimes do stupid things.

Some errors lead to large financial losses, some undermine the entire countries and some even take the lives of innocent people.

Look at those unpleasant events that were the result of ordinary human stupidity.

1. Fall 13-storey residential building

Shanghai residential complex Lotus Riverside consisted of 11 high-rise buildings. But one morning one of the houses just fell down, narrowly missing the neighboring high-rises. If the high-rise building caught the next building would be a Domino effect.

And 13-storey building fell from a hurricane or earthquake, it just fell due to low quality building materials and fast construction. After this incident, the people who have already bought apartments in the Lotus Riverside complex, began to contact the developer, demanding guarantees.

13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

2. The destruction of a 150 year old guitar

In the film by Quentin Tarantino “Disgusting eight” Daisy of Domergue (actress Jennifer Jason Leigh) played on a 6 string guitar of the XIX century. This musical instrument was an exhibit that took at the time of filming from the Museum.

It was assumed that before the scene where one of the characters smashes a guitar, it will replace the prop. But actor Kurt Russell seems to have forgotten to warn about it. In the end, the Museum was effectively destroyed in front of the cameras.

13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

3. Large wagons for narrow platforms

When the National company of French Railways planned modernization of the transport network, no one imagined so many problems. Had ordered 2 000 trains a new sample to the amount of 15 billion euros.

But it was guided by the technical standards of the stations built only in the last 30 years, while most platforms were built earlier and other standards.

In the end, it turned out that the platform needs to expand urgently. This French budget took another 50 million euros.

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13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

4. Error worth $ 225 million

When Japanese companies Mizuho Securities decided to sell one share for 610 thousand yen (approximately $ 5,000) on the Tokyo stock exchange, its leaders are unlikely to expect what will turn this event.

Broker wrongly decided, I do not mean 1 share for 610 thousand yen, and 610 thousand shares for 1 yen. Further protests of the company on the Tokyo stock exchange was rejected. Losses Mizuho Securities was approximately $ 225 million.

13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

5. A very expensive submarine, which does not float

Spanish submarine, in which the government has invested nearly 1.75 billion pounds, was supposed to be the real gem of the Navy. But in the process of building it became clear that the submarine S-81 Isaak Peral will be 68 tons heavier than previously thought.

To save the project, the implementation of which has already spent more than 1 billion pounds, decided to increase the area of the hull to distribute the weight. But this decision not only entailed additional costs, but it was difficult to implement from a technical point of view.

13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

6. The Sale Of Alaska

Before the sale of Alaska Royal entourage considered her only as the earth covered with a thick layer of ice. So about 150 years ago, in 1867, Russia sold Alaska to the United States in just $ 7.2 million.

Given the approximately equal to the ruble and the dollar at that time, the Russians benefited little from the deal. But later discovered in Alaska, resources are a real treasure, which went to the Americans.

13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

7. Rickety bridge

Using the Millennium bridge, the British joined the two banks of the Thames in London. But built in 2000, the bridge had to immediately close.

It turned out that when the crowd of people structure begins to wobble dangerously. Had to reconstruct the bridge and equip the stabilizers movement. To the initial value at 18.2 million pounds, he added another £ 5 million. But the bridge is now safe. Well, even so.

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13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

8. The loss of the spacecraft

To explore the climate on Mars in the NASA developed Orbiter Mars Climate Orbiter. Soon, however, the ship that was already in the atmosphere of Mars disappeared. It turned out that instead of flying over the surface of Mars at an altitude of 110 kilometers, the unit flew at 57 kilometres and collapsed.

It happened for the reason that in the software of the Mars Climate Orbiter used the metric system and in the software the station used a British system.

13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

9. Selling Apple stock

Ronald Wayne know as one of the founders of Apple. Thanks to him, appeared the first Apple logo. He created a manual for the Apple I. But in 1976 Ronald refused a stake in the company by selling its 10% stake for $ 800, small even for those times the sum.

“I made the best decision. I was aging and didn’t want to risk it. And those two it was all in vain”, — said later Ronald, referring to Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak.

According to rough estimates the value of its stock would now be approximately $ 35 billion.

13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

10. The construction of the shining skyscraper Walkie Talkie

When in London he built a skyscraper Walkie Talkie cost of 200 million pounds, he stood out against the other houses, except that an unusual mirror design. But it soon appeared that the South side of the house can reflect the sun’s rays, burning the area with a length of about 30 meters.

In the concentrated beam, the temperature reached nearly 70 degrees Celsius. And the popularity of the skyscraper received after one of the owners parked his Jaguar on the South side of the Walkie Talkie. What was his surprise when he returned and saw your favorite car melted.

To further damage occurred to the building attached sun shade, which protects people in close proximity Walkie Talkie from the scorching sunlight.

13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

11. The destruction of lake Peigneur

Trying to find oil under the American lake Peigneur, the researchers drilled the bottom and accidentally broke the dome salt mine. The water gradually began to blur the bottom, forming a huge crater lake which quickly disappeared not only the rig but also the tugboat, 11 barges, a couple of trucks, and then there’s the island.

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13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

12. The loss of multimillion-dollar wealth

When in 2009 bitcoin was just beginning its March, English James Howell in a week “nominal” using laptop about 7 500 units of the digital currency. But at that time bitcoin almost worthless, so to get them was easy.

Soon household chores, family and work consumed all the free time James and he forgot about it. And once cleaned and thrown in the trash unnecessary hard drive from an old broken laptop.

Only a few days later he heard on the news about the bitcoin’s price and ran to find the hard disk and restore lost data. But while his quest was not successful. Because the cost of one bitcoin has already exceeded 15 thousand dollars.

13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

13. The tragic bridge collapse

Built in the capital of South Korea, the bridge was to facilitate the life of residents of Seoul, especially during rush hour. But in the morning peak time struck the Central part of the bridge, unable to withstand the enormous weight of the cars. 32 people were killed. Under pressure from local residents from the repair of the bridge refused — it was completely demolished.

The cause of the collapse was faulty welded steel elements of the structure that held the bridge spans.

13 найдорожчих помилок в історії людства

So one mistake can be costly, while a chain of mistakes can have disastrous consequences.

When good opportunities come before us, we often ignore them, fearing the potential of failure. The fear of making a mistake hinder our will, and we lose a Golden opportunity that could change our lives.

We forget that humans, who err. The main thing is to get at least some benefit from each failure.

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