13 February 2020 – what a holiday today: traditions, taboos and omens

13 лютого 2020 – яке сьогодні свято: традиції, заборони і прикмети

February 13 – Thursday

Today, February 13, believers honor the memory of martyrs and miracle workers Cyrus and John, as well as celebrate world radio day. Your attention traditions and superstitions on this day – find out what you can and cannot do!

Date February 13, made history several significant events and holidays.


The calendar believers today revere the memory of martyrs and miracle workers Cyrus and John.


Thursday, February 13, nameday of the holders of such names: Viktor, Nikita, Bogdan, Cyrus, John, Athanasius, feoktista, Ilya, Claudius, Kirei, Groin, Victoria. Don’t forget to congratulate the heroes of the occasion with the Day of the angel!

13 лютого 2020 – яке сьогодні свято: традиції, заборони і прикмети


  • World radio day.
  • 1784 – a decree of Catherine II from 1783 annexed to the Russian Empire in the lands of the Crimean khanate (the Crimea, the Taman, the Kuban side) was founded Tavrichesky region on the rights of governorship (center — Simferopol).
  • 1895 – the brothers Louis and August Lumiere created a first projector.
  • 1898 – the first victim of hitting the car was Henry Lindfield of Brighton (UK)
  • 1917 – in the UK, the government has allowed women to be taxi drivers.
  • 1942 – began the forced removal of the Ukrainian population from the occupied territories to work in Germany.
  • 1945 – allied aircraft almost completely destroyed Dresden.
  • 1956 – in Antarctica opened the first Soviet scientific station mirnyy.
  • 1959 – in sale of the first Barbie doll.
  • 1960 – the first test of French atomic bomb in the Sahara.
  • 1981 – “the new York times” published the longest sentence – one thousand two hundred and eighty six words.
  • 1991 – U.S. aircraft struck alleged Iraqi command post in Baghdad. As it turned out, it was a common bomb shelter, where the women, children and the elderly. Killed about 400 people.
  • 1992 – Uganda has recognized the independence of Ukraine
  • 2001 – the arrest of ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko for smuggling Russian gas and tax evasion.

13 лютого 2020 – яке сьогодні свято: традиції, заборони і прикмети

13 February is world radio day


  • 711. n. e. – Emperor Jimmu, the 1st Emperor of Japan, Shinto deity, a military leader and monarch.
  • 1683 – Giovanni Battista P iazzetta, Italian painter of the late Baroque. The representative of the Venetian school.
  • 1766 – Thomas Malthus, English economist. The term “malthusianism” comes from his name.
  • 1769 – Ivan Krylov, Russian fabulist (“the Crow and the Fox”, “the Swan, Pike and Cancer”).
  • 1784 – Gnedich Nikolai Ivanovich, Ukrainian writer, scientist and theater figure.
  • 1847 – Victor Gilberte, French painter.
  • 1849 – Fyodor Shcherbina, Ukrainian statistician, economist, sociologist, social activist and historian of the Kuban, member of the Shevchenko scientific society.
  • 1882 – Tadeusz Banachiewicz, Polish astronomer and mathematician.
  • 1892 – Maria Litvinenko-Volgemut, Ukrainian singer and social activist.
  • 1903 – Georges Simenon, French writer, master of detective fiction.
  • 1904 – Danylo Skoropadsky, Ukrainian politician and public figure.
  • 1909 – Victor Ivanov, Ukrainian film Director, who directed the film “chasing two hares”.
  • 1933 – Lev Perfilov, Ukrainian actor (“the Green van”, “the meeting Place cannot be changed”, “the adventures of electronics”).
  • 1937 – Sigmund Jahn, the first and only cosmonaut of the GDR.
  • 1938 – Kovalenko Vasily Petrovich, Ukrainian poet, journalist, trade unionist.
  • 1948 – Bohdan Zholdak, the Ukrainian writer, screenwriter, playwright.
  • 1950 – Peter Gabriel, English musician, former leader of the group Genesis, now a solo artist.
  • 1956 – Peter hook, bassist of the iconic British band Joy Division, one of the founders of the group New Order.
  • 1974 – Robbie Williams, former member of English pop group Take That, now engaged in solo career.


  • If February 13 falls on Friday, that day is considered bad and dangerous. Other days, no threat.
  • If the person was born on February 13, she will love the art and can be a good craftsman.
  • In the sun visible circles – will be a good year.
  • In the evening, not leaving the house – I can clean up the damage.
  • Clear night – tomorrow will be Sunny weather.
  • Sparrows insulated socket – it will be cold.
  • Crows shout loudly – a sign of what will be a Blizzard or snow storm.
  • The trees had the frost – it’s a clear night.

13 лютого 2020 – яке сьогодні свято: традиції, заборони і прикмети


  • In the evening it is recommended not to leave the house, because detractors can jinx it.
  • Should not today to undertake the hard work.
  • It is impossible at this day to be indifferent to those in need.
  • Not unseemly, according to legend, revenge in the house today not to sweep the happiness threshold.

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