12 stories and 2 concerts by Andrey Makarevich

12 stories and 2 concerts by Andrey Makarevich

Who is Andrey Makarevich? According to many, the singer, frontman and permanent leader of the Time Machine group. According to some, a TV presenter. Others consider him a professional traveler. So who is he, Mr. Makarevich?

As Andrei Makarevich says about himself: “ Many people think that I am a musician, some & ndash; what a chef, meanwhile I'm an artist and I got a good school. ''

Such diversity & ndash; absolute truth. An architectural education, the 50th anniversary of The Time Machine two years ago, travels around the world and a dizzying television career. All this & ndash; the life of one person, whose works are now on display, and even more, are sold at the exhibition “ Within and Beyond. Art. Wine. Music '' in Netanya, in the Gallery on the Rock.

This exhibition is not simple. Within its framework, many events are held, including concerts, tastings, creative evenings.

Not having time for the opening of the exhibition, Andrei Makarevich makes up for and, moreover, makes up for his absence at the opening with two amazing evenings in Israel. Concert and & hellip; not a concert.

On January 5 at ANU, the Museum of the Jewish People, in a hall with excellent acoustics and atmosphere, and on January 12, 22 at the Krieger Center for Performing Arts in Haifa, Andrei Makarevich will give recitals. Only the voice of your favorite artist and his guitar. And you. Those who know and love Makarevich's songs, who were looking forward to his concerts in Israel.

The next speech by Andrey Makarevich will present him from a completely different side. Not as a musician, cook or TV presenter, and not even as a traveler
, but as a writer. Here's what the author says: “ For many years now I have been writing little stories, funny and sad. About beauty. About money. About
travel. About mysticism. Come listen and chat. ”

Who was at the creative evenings of Makarevich, knows what a great storyteller he is. At the author's literary readings, his gift blossoms in its entirety. 01/08/22 Andrey Makarevich in the Gallery on the Rock In Netanya, during the exhibition “ Within and Beyond '' will read 12 of his short stories, and you will get a unique opportunity to discuss them with the author.

January is going to be hot!

20:30 & ndash; Museum of ANU (Tel Aviv University), auditorium “ Bnei Zion '',
Address: Tel Aviv-Yafo, st. Klausner, 15
Tickets: biletru.co.il/events/andrey-makarevich-starie-i-novie-pesni

20:00 & ndash; Gallery “ Al Ha-Tsuk '' (“ On the rock). Address: Netanya, st. Ha-Maapilim, 19
Tickets: https://biletru.co.il/events/andrey-makarevich-nemnogo-slov/

12.01.22 – Krieger Center for Performing Arts in Haifa
Address: Haifa, st. Eliyahu Hakim, 6, French Carmel
Tickets: biletru.co.il/events/andrey-makarevich-starie-i-novie-pesni.

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