105-year-old U.S. runner breaks world record

105-year-old US runner broke world record

A resident of Louisiana in the United States, Julia Hawkins, now 105 years old, has set the world record for athletics in her age category, writes Mental Floss.

Julia Hawkins set a running record at the Louisiana Senior Olympics on November 6. In particular, she was the fastest in the world in the 100m race in the 100+ age category.

The woman showed the time 01:02:95. In addition, even earlier for her dexterity, she received the nickname “ Hurricane. ''

However, she decided to start running only at the age of 101. The woman traditionally trains, maneuvering around her own house.

Interestingly, despite such a late start, she immediately began to set records. Also in 2019, she became the fastest runner in the world in the 100+ category at a distance of 50 meters with a time of 46.07 seconds.

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