100,000 cars by Subaru will be withdrawn

100 000 автомобилей компании Subaru будут отозваны

Nine models and 100,000 cars by Subaru will be withdrawn.

This became known thanks to the official press service of the company. As it became known, cars 2019, released in Japan discovered a defect in the brake system.

The costs of the audit will, according to preliminary estimates, 6.5 billion yen.

As reported by experts, the total number of recalled vehicles for the current year, the company Subaru has already reached more than 500 000 km. Previously, the car spoke due to problems with the engine, airbag, various accessories and now is the time of the braking system.

Separately it is reported that there is no recorded accident or the accident caused by the detected fault. Of course, all work will be carried out exclusively by the automaker. Owners of the recalled vehicles will be notified in private, or you can find the list of VIN codes, for comparison with your own car.

In addition, Subaru still feels the demand for private cars, which led to a shortfall in planned net profit in the third quarter by 25%.

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