1,000 policemen block roads during protest in Tel Aviv

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 1,000 police officers to block roads during demonstration in Tel Aviv
Police estimate more people will turn out this Saturday than last week's rainy demonstration, helped by good weather forecasts and a high-profile ruling by the High Court this week declaring Shas chief Aryeh Deri unfit to serve as Minister.

Police officers also expressed concern about clashes with right-wing counter-protesters, who on social media called on pro-government activists to also take to the streets, Channel 12 reports.

The protest in Tel Aviv will be divided: one organizer, the Movement for the Quality of Government in Israel, will hold a rally in Habim Square, while other organizers will demonstrate less than a kilometer from Habim at the intersection of Kaplan and Begin streets.

The police are to start closing roads around the protest sites at 16:00. Traffic restrictions, including the cancellation of the public bus, are expected in areas around Habim Square, Menachem Begin Street, Arlozorov Street, Namir Road, Shaul HaMeleh Boulevard and Dubnov Street until the protests are over.
< br /> Smaller protests are also expected to take place in Jerusalem and Haifa, as well as other places across the country.

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