100-year-old German went into politics

100-летняя немка пошла в политику

She is highly respected.

A resident of Germany liesel Heise, recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary, was elected to the city Council, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Around the world.

The woman decided to go into politics on the advice of the son. New career former school teacher of physical culture started as a result of elections to the city Council in her native Kirchheimbolanden, where 8,000 people (Rhineland-Palatinate). The townspeople respect liesel Heise and lay great hopes on it for the development of the city.

Although the party list woman took the 20-th position, she managed to win. With the highest number of votes among all the candidates for the position, she headed the faction “We Kibo” (abbreviated name of the city).

100-летняя немка пошла в политику

Citizens trust liesel Heise and consider it to be quite mentally and physically strong in order to fight for the prosperity of his native city. A former teacher and a passionate swimmer, she set a goal to achieve recovery urban pool “Freibad”, closed in 2011.

Liesel Heise has long raised this issue with the authorities. But they were deaf to her appeals. “And now, when I’m 100 years old and I am in a different position,” she says, ” I can finally open his mouth and be heard.”

Another task of the newly elected deputatka was the organization and running activities for children and youth of the club.

The father of the UAE was also a politician: before the Second world war he was a member of the city Council and was imprisoned for criticizing the destruction of synagogues by the Nazis.

100-year-old honorable go to Church. In favour of a United Europe and criticizes the British policy of Brickset. And still maintains friendships with former students. By the way, congratulations teacher happy anniversary attended by hundreds of her students. They sang a song, showing liesel Waldkirchen warm attitude and respect.

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