10 things he wants to try with you 18+

Old sex in a new way.

10 речей, які він хоче спробувати з тобою 18+

What is most striking man in bed? Not role-playing or sex-feast! Most men are simple creatures, who just need a relaxed partner. But if you want to give him something unexpected and pleasant, here are a few original ideas.

1. Keep the lights on

You can worry about what he thinks about your Breasts after childbirth, the old scar or something, why don’t you look like yourself in wedding photos. But men rarely notice it, even though they are the visuals. More important for them to see your movements, especially if you have no clothes on. They want to make you happy in bed and this is the focus. Not that you have changed! So let him see the whole you.

2. Touch yourself

It may sound strange, but in fact it is a very exciting and erotic detail. Look at the woman who realized her sexuality — what could be nicer? That way you can show what kind of touch you like.

3. Use mouth

It is no secret that most men love oral sex, especially if it was your idea and not was a gift on his birthday.

4. Don’t be silent

It is not necessary to copy a cardboard sigh pornstars, just allow yourself to Express my pleasure aloud. This does not mean that you have to talk like that. You can say what you like, but not as a command “stronger!”, but, for example: “I love it when you move stronger.” And just as the type of discharge he likes it, if they are sincere. You’d be surprised how much they can inspire him to great deeds!

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5. Pay attention to his sensitive spots

For example, the bridle. It must be handled gently, but if done correctly it will be amazed.

6. Change the place

Men love to have sex in different places. If you normally do it in bed, we will change the location on the sofa. Or a washing machine. You will like it too!

7. Action slowly

Of course, they like when everything is fast. But braking can be even more enjoyable. He likes to feel a wider range of feelings and have more time to study your body.

8. Foreplay is very important

Although men can prepare for sex for a few seconds, but good foreplay does not hurt anyone! Erotic SMS, easy a Striptease, undressing for a while… a lot to figure out, and surely you will get to the point.

9. He dominates

Cancel routine sex in the same position, offer him to live out his fantasies. For example, to blindfold you, and then everything goes on thumb.

10. Take a sex toy

If you have not previously tried anything like this — it’s time to start!

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