10 Shameless Questions About Losing Weight With Fat Freeze

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 10 Shameless Questions About Fat Freeze Losing Weight

The method of getting rid of fat with freezing or cryolipolysis is the most effective of those that do not require surgery. We asked the owner of the Beauty Center in Modiin, Dr. Sharon Ayalon, to answer the main questions about the method.

– How much weight can you lose with Cliolipolysis?

– This method is not suitable for those who want to lose weight from 90 to 60 kg, let's say. It is designed to get rid of accumulations of fat – “fat traps” that are with us from youth or appear over the years.

They cannot be removed by diets, sports or massage. And they are very old – “widow's hump” (fat deposits on the back under the base of the neck), the second chin, “riding breeches”, sides, stomach, knees, buttocks, axillary sweetness or other problem areas can visually add 10 years of age.

-How many procedures Do you need cryolipolysis to get rid of them?

-All these zones can be removed – forever – in 1-2 cryolipolysis procedures on the new Spanish device Cocoon CoolTech. After the first session, fat deposits are reduced by 25-35% or one size.

It is important that the doctor can simulate the effect of – create not just a thin waist, but a chiseled silhouette of the figure, or make the angle of the chin sharp enough, turn the “riding breeches” to roundness, etc.

-Does it hurt?

-The patient feels only slight pressure. It does not cause pain, just a slight discomfort, to which you quickly adapt.

-The method only removes fat cells and does not destroy neighboring ones?

-Yes. The fat cell is arranged differently than other cells in our body, – its heat receptors are outside and for this reason are very sensitive to cold.

That is why freezing kills fat cells – forever and ever! – and the rest of the cells are not damaged.

-Stupid question – why don't we lose weight when we freeze?

-Because our fatty tissues are warmed by blood, which penetrates through the capillaries into the entire fat layer. So, for weight loss, we need to block the capillaries.

This is exactly what the clips of the cryolipolysis machine do – they create a vacuum by closing the capillaries and cooling the fatty tissue. Fat cells die and
are naturally eliminated from the body through the lymph and blood.

-Cryolipolysis does not harm the body?

-This is an absolutely normal process for our body – fat cells die and are constantly excreted from the body. This process is called “apoptosis”.

-Does the skin sag after weight loss?

– No, because the creators of the device took care of it. Cold increases the ability of the skin to regenerate – fills the cells with oxygen, accelerates
intercellular metabolism and stimulates the rapid formation of young cells. Therefore, the skin after the procedure becomes more elastic and youthful.

-What if the accumulation of fat in a hard-to-reach place – under the arm, for example?

-The device has 6 applicators of different shapes that allow you to work on flat or difficult surfaces with thin skin.

-Are there any side effects?

– The device Cocoon CoolTech is considered the safest – he works all over the world and has proven himself well. There is no rehabilitation period after it, since the side effect is limited to reddening of the skin for 1-2 hours.

-How long does it take to see the effect?

– With a small amount of local fat, 1-2 sessions with a pause of one and a half months are enough for the result. The result will not be visible immediately, but after a few weeks. The maximum effect of the procedure occurs in about a month or two. With significant deposits, 3-4 procedures are prescribed.

By the way, 2 maniples can be used simultaneously in the Spanish apparatus. This reduces the duration of the session when we are modeling several areas.

The price of the procedure – 3000 shekels.

About the doctor.

Dr. Sharon Ayalon – owner of the Beauty Center in Modiin, graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, senior physician in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, M.Sc. face and neck in Israel and abroad.

There are many Russian-speaking Israelis among Dr. Sharon's clients, including well-known Russian-speaking journalists, beauty bloggers and TV presenters.

Dr. Sharon Ayalon Aesthetic Medicine Clinic – this is the Beauty Center, where there is probably the largest selection of the latest devices. Therefore, here you will be recommended exactly the procedure or combinations of procedures that will bring a noticeable effect, and not those that are in the list of services.

Call the clinic at 03-3741710, for a conversation in Russian 054-2194336 , and you will be assigned a free consultation with a doctor.

Address: st. Lea Amno, 1 (Moria Centre), Modiin.
Facebook and Instagram – @ dr.sharon.ayalon

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