10 main differences between second pregnancy from the first

Every pregnancy has its own characteristics. Only what you’ve carried one child, doesn’t mean you know how to be this time. Most likely, the second pregnancy will be a little different from the first.

If you are expecting an addition to the family, here are 10 important things that you need to be ready.

1. The tummy will appear before

Since you have already had one baby, your abdominal muscles tend to be more stretched. This can lead to the fact that the second child is “seem” before the first.

Another reason is that after the previous birth, your uterus may not be completely shrunk to its original size. This way, your midsection will appear earlier, on average, a month earlier than during first pregnancy. This time you can see it at 14 weeks!

2. Early movements of the baby

During the second pregnancy most women feel before abdominal movement of the child. On average, the fetal movement is usually detected by the mothers at 18-20 week. But the experienced mom can feel it earlier because she already knows the difference between the real movements of the baby and… gases!

Some women, pregnant for the second time, I feel movement of the fetus is already at 13 weeks. According to them, the first baby movements felt in the abdomen as tiny bubbles or butterfly wings.

3. Nausea or “morning sickness”

The severity of your morning sickness is not necessarily the same as in your pregnancy. If you haven’t had early morning sickness during the first pregnancy, this does not mean that this will not happen a second time. On the other hand, even if you have had “morning sickness” when you hatched the first baby, maybe this time you’ll get lucky. However, keep in mind that the risk of early toxicity above, if during the first pregnancy you had nausea and vomiting.

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In women who previously suffered from a very severe form of morning sickness known as hypermedia (hyperemesis gravidarum), the risk of such problems the second time is quite high (about 15.2%).

4. The child is below

The second time the expectant mother may notice that her child lower within the abdominal cavity. This is because the abdominal muscles have been stretched by the first pregnancy and are weaker — unless you are a fitness guru. In most cases of the abdomen can’t support the child so well as before, so the fetus drops lower.

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The good news is that now the pressure will be less on the lungs so you can breathe more freely than with the first child. Some women even experience less problems with digestion, because the stomach is squeezed, too, not so much.

Now the disadvantages: lower the location of the child in the stomach puts pressure on the bladder, making you urinate more often and experience the discomfort in the pelvic region.

5. Fatigue and drowsiness

The constant feeling of sleepiness and fatigue is one of the early symptoms of any pregnancy. This is because your blood pressure and sugar levels fall because the growing baby’s body increases the amount of blood. In addition, the body increases the concentration of the hormone progesterone that makes you feel more sleepy than usual.

In addition, during the second pregnancy you are already older and spend energy to care for her first child. It also affects your energy level.

6. Emotional instability

The second pregnancy can be quite emotional. Especially if this child was unplanned. However, even if you’ve been dreaming about the second baby, you can still experience the most conflicting emotions. Some moms are concerned about how a new pregnancy would affect the quality of care for the first child. Anxiety other fears related to the previous difficult childbirth. Many women pregnant with a second child, complain that do not get enough sleep catastrophically.

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But, on the other hand, you will feel like a real professional, when confronted in the hospital with primipara mothers!

7. Exacerbation of chronic diseases

Many of the symptoms of pregnancy such as pain in the back and waist, the second time may occur before. Some women may encounter varicose veins or hemorrhoids. Most often this problem occurs in the third trimester. This is because your first pregnancy weaken the walls of blood vessels and musculoskeletal system.

Women who have previously had problems such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia, need to be careful during the second pregnancy as they are subjected to high repeated risk of developing these complications. For example, those who had gestational diabetes during the first pregnancy have the risk of repetition, equal to 41.3%. For all other women the chance of getting this disease make up only 4.2%.

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Other symptoms of pregnancy, such as uterine contractions also occur early. Probably you will have more “false alarms” during the third trimester. This is due to the fact that “experienced” before the uterus begins to prepare to leave.

9. The expectation of the child

Many future mothers constantly think about their situation when it happens for the first time. However, during the second pregnancy most women are much less worried about pregnancy. Waiting baby this time will be more comfortable. In the end, you’ve done this before!

10. You know, how does a newborn

During first pregnancy you feel the baby is like an angel. By the time the second birth, you are already prepared for what a newborn looks like a tiny wrinkled ball that can spend hours screaming for no reason.

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What do you have to be ready

1. Postpartum recovery will be different. On the one hand, you’ll know what to expect, and that’s good. But, on the other hand, most likely you will have more severe pain after delivery caused by uterine contractions.

2. After the second child your uterus are unlikely on their own will shrink to its original size. To avoid this, it is recommended to strengthen pelvic muscles through exercises Kegel.

3. During childbirth you can get more complications. In addition, when the second pregnancy increases the risk of having a child with down syndrome.

4. If you became pregnant immediately after the birth of their first child, it may encounter three things: premature birth, low weight baby and even limit its growth. This happens due to the fact that your body has not had time to fully recover. The optimal time interval between births is at least eighteen months.

5. Don’t expect your physical form will be restored as quickly as after the birth of their first child. To restore the tone of the abdominal muscles, you will need special training.

In conclusion, we want to tell you this. You are not the only woman who decided to birth a second child. Don’t be afraid to give birth! Especially because this time you are much better prepared for pregnancy because experienced this before!

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