10 “harmless” habits, because of which appear those extra pounds

Many people involved in fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle, and the weight won’t leave. For some it even continues to gain. Often the problem is in the habits that we consider harmless. Here are 10 things to remove from your life to finally gain the coveted shape.

1. Rigid diet

Most diets are intended to in record time to lose weight. Thus, it is necessary to abandon many products as harmful and some useful. Extra pounds quickly leave, but come back again. The reason is that you after the diet continue to maintain the old way of life. Develop good habits! Make balanced, nutritious and varied diet. Any mono-diet.

2. The lack of clean water

If the body enough water, the metabolism is working at full capacity. Need to drink my quota of clean plain water. Refrain from soft drinks. They contain large amounts of sugar and harmful acids. As you know, comrades slim body.

3. Irregular meals

In the morning you have a Cup of coffee. In the afternoon he threw the cookie in the stomach, so the work didn’t have time to sit down and eat. Tonight — fry a whole pan of potatoes, and ate and after a few hours, went to bed. So: you can’t do that. Irregular meals leads to metabolic disorder and frequent overeating.

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Per day make time for three main meals and three between them for useful snacking. Dinner should be light 2 hours before sleep.

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4. Stress

Before going to lose weight, think about whether stress is a cause of excess weight. Very often people stick their problems sweet. So the body tries to protect the nervous system, diverting her chewing.

If you want to be slim, cope first with their problems. If you can’t get rid of stress — find a hobby. It will help you to escape from bad thoughts. Suggest fitness: and the mood lifts, and calories burns.

5. Quick lunch

So the brain received the signal of saturation, the body needs 20 minutes. During this time, you can eat a lot of excess. Therefore, nutritionists recommend to stretch the meals and enjoy every bite of food.

6. No concentration on food

And it so happens that you eat a long time, but still do not eat. Then put aside the smartphone, close the book and turn off the TV. Because of the enthusiasm with another activity the person does not notice the taste of food, so it is not saturated.

7. Lack of sleep

Scientists have proven that people with sleep deprivation eat more carbs. So you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

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Vitamins can regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. When these indicators are normal, the person will be easy to get rid of excess weight. 50% of your diet should consist of vegetables.

9. Junk food

Counting calories will not help if you eat junk food. Minimize the consumption of sugar, flour, rice, potatoes, butter. Minimize fatty meats, cereal, mayonnaise and junk food.

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10. Little movement

Hours of training will not help if you sit on a chair for 8 hours. Every day you need to take at least 10,000 steps. To measure this indicator, you need a fitness tracker. Figure seems unrealistic? And you try to get out of public transport a stop early and walk home and give up the Elevator.

Replace bad habits useful, and then you do not need strict diet and grueling workout. After a while you get used to a new way of life, and not be present as they could before different. If you enjoyed these recommendations, save them for himself. And share with a friend!

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