10 great alternatives to the DCEU’s Suicide Squad

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10 great alternatives to the DCEU’s Suicide Squad

James Gunn’s new epic has become a smash hit with fans and critics alike, its unmistakable visuals, wild and wonderful characters, and well-deserved R-rating offer something that feels fresh when it comes to filmmaking. of superheroes.

The wacky characters of DC comics are in safe hands with the acclaimed American filmmaker, and with stellar performances from the likes of Idris Elba, John Cena, Margot Robbie and Michael Rooker, The Suicide Squad it is one of the best movies of the year. Team-fighting movies have been around for a long time, and whether Gunn drew inspiration from these classics or not, they’re great alternatives to the latest DCEU installment.

10 the Expendables 2 is big, cheeky, and shiny

The ’90s in movies was a decade of bullets, biceps, and box office stars, and after the trend faded, the nostalgic demand for a return of seedy, explosive movies grew to a fever pitch. In 2010, Sylvester Stallone assembled a team of evil-fighting legends and the franchise was born. The Expendables.

A second installment followed 2 years later. The Expendables 2 It is arguably the best of the middle-aged macho movies, as it features all the greats you would expect, including Jean Claude Van Damme in a career portrayal as the evil Jean Villain. It’s the perfect return to the kind of popcorn cinema that once dominated the box office.

9 Starship Troopers is the best of space satire

10 great alternatives to the DCEU’s Suicide Squad

Starship Troopers is such a sharp satire that many misinterpreted the sci-fi action movie when it was released in 1997. Through the imaginative vision of Paul Verhoeven, and to a tight screenplay by Edward Neumeier, Johnny Rico’s journey as a heavily vermin fumigator Armored is one of the funniest movies of the 90s.

The film tackles right-wing militarism and the propaganda associated with it, but is subtle enough not to interfere with the epic space action and adventure. Starship Troopers it’s 2 hours of intergalactic action.

8 R-rated superhero movies aren’t much wilder than Deadpool 2

10 great alternatives to the DCEU’s Suicide Squad

Scandalous and unapologetic, Ryan Reynolds’ Mercury with a Mouth has become a hugely popular superhero character despite not being accessible or appropriate for fans of all ages.

Deadpool 2 see the titular hero team up with Josh Brolin’s Cable among other wonderfully intriguing mutant superheroes. The film was the highest grossing with an R rating until in 2019 it arrived Joker and took the crown from him. Dark, hilarious, and ultra-violent, Deadpool 2 is the kind of adult Marvel magic that the MCU sometimes lacks.

7 The Magnificent Seven is one of the best movies of all time to team up

10 great alternatives to the DCEU’s Suicide Squad

This classic western not only features some of the best character introduction scenes ever filmed, but Los magnificent seven It also serves as a fantastic crash course on the Hollywood icons of the 1960s.

For those unfamiliar, the 1960 John Sturges film is a showcase for some of the most legendary stars in cinema. Yul Brynner, Charles Bronson and Steve McQueen deliver their signature performances, backed by genre greats Eli Wallach and James Coburn. In short, Los Magnificent seven it is one of the best adventures altogether.

6 Super is James Gunn’s superhero magic on a budget

10 great alternatives to the DCEU’s Suicide Squad

James Gunn is now known as one of Hollywood’s top talents, but the eclectic filmmaker spent years honing his talents before taking the reins of some of the biggest names in the comic book world. Super is the dark and gritty story of the Crimson Lightning, a tortured superhero soul lacking all the powers of a Spiderman and all the money of The Dark Knight.

Rainn Wilson plays the deranged and tragic protagonist, and is supported by immensely talented characters such as Elliot Page, Nathan Fillion and Kevin Bacon, the star of The Office eleva a Super to the field of the essential when it comes to the work of the masterful director of El Suicide Squad.

5 Mystery Men may not measure up to the Squad when it comes to powers, but they’re just as hilarious

10 great alternatives to the DCEU’s Suicide Squad

Perhaps the most inadequate team of superheroes ever to make it to the big screen, what the Mystery Men lack in skill, they more than make up for in heart and hilarity.

With Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria, William H. Macy, Kel Mitchell, and Greg Kinnear, laughs are almost guaranteed, but the 1999 action comedy also delivers an admirable anti-gun message. An outrageous and wacky cult classic, few, if any, superhero parodies can measure up to Mystery Men.

4 Rogue One is undoubtedly a Star Wars story that is worth it

10 great alternatives to the DCEU’s Suicide Squad

George Lucas’s space opera franchise needs no introduction, and while sequels, prequels, and adaptations based on the original trilogy vary in quality, Rogue One: A Star Story Wars offers a unique look at a part of the Skywalker saga that has not been seen on the big screen until now.

A group of rebels join forces on a desperate mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. A team film set in the universe of Star Wars may be enough to get some fans interested, but a single incredible scene featuring the iconic Darth Vader will make any viewer glad they sat down to watch this space epic.

3 John Carpenter’s classic Assault on Police Station 13 hits as hard as any current movie

10 great alternatives to the DCEU’s Suicide Squad

John Carpenter’s 1976 thriller is one of the legendary filmmaker’s greatest hits. A masterful mix of action and horror, Assault on Precinct 13 is inspired by the John Wayne western River Bravo and transform a simple concept into a suspenseful, atmospheric and ultimately exciting movie.

Trapped in a vanished police station, a gang of misfits risks it all while trying to defend themselves and the station from the relentless onslaught of a deadly gang. The cult classics aren’t much better, and the character of Napoleon Wilson is one of Carpenter’s most captivating creations.

2 Tanks and Terror, Fury is a thrilling war movie

10 great alternatives to the DCEU’s Suicide Squad

If you’re ready to ditch the vibrancy and comic relief that James Gunn’s latest superhero set offers, Furyby David Ayer can offer a serious change of pace, while keeping some similar themes.

Fury is the story of an American tank crew that survived through thick and thin during WWII. The film has an excellent cast that includes Brad Pitt, Jon Bernthal, Shia Labeouf and Michael Pena, and the terrifying and stark depiction of war and the horrors it entails is more than enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen for its entire duration.

1 For more Gunn greatness, look no further than Guardians of the Galaxy

10 great alternatives to the DCEU’s Suicide Squad

James Gunn’s Marvel masterpiece, Guardians of the Galaxy Not only does it stand apart from the rest of the MCU thanks to its unusual characters, striking visual style, and exceptional use of music, but it stands out as one of the best films in the entire Marvel catalog.

Wildly funny and heartwarming enough to make even the most cynical fans cry, Guardians and its equally fantastic sequel are further proof that James Gunn is one of the most talented filmmakers working today. When it comes to tackling superhero ensembles, there may be no better man to have in the director’s chair.

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