10 commandments for healthy skin: advice from Rivka Zaide

 Rivka Zaide's 10 Commandments for Healthy Skin

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Rivka Zaydeh, owner of an acne clinic and author of a unique treatment method, talks about 10 rules that must be followed in order to maintain healthy skin.< /strong>

1. Limit sugar, fats and dairy products — in people prone to acne, one of its causes actually lies in the change in diet and the abuse of foods that are harmful to the metabolism and condition of our skin. Sugar feeds bacteria, fats can increase the amount of fat in the blood and, accordingly, on the skin of the face and thus cause clogging of pores and increased production of sebum, and dairy products – due to hormones, which, as you know, are the main and main acne cause.
2. Regularly cleanse the body of harmful substances. That is, if in the previous paragraph we talked about restrictions, now we are talking about the periodic complete rejection of the use of all types of sugars and carbohydrates. And, at the same time, during the cleansing period, it is necessary to increase the consumption of water and fresh vegetables.

 10 commandments for healthy skin: advice from Rivka Zaide

3. Avoid, as far as possible, drugs that have not been individually selected. Pharmaceutical or prescription drugs won't help with severe acne, and neither will granny's spot-on prescriptions, such as icing pimples, aspirin creams, turmeric creams, and so on. In fact, these ointments can block pores if not properly cleansed and aggravate acne.
4. Reduce your stress — stress is often associated with various diseases, including acne. Stress causes an increase in the amount of hormones in our body, some of which are directly related to the appearance of acne. Find the relaxation and stress relief methods that work best for you.
5. Get moving. Exercise releases hormones that counteract stress hormones and therefore reduce the chance of acne. Yoga, meditation, and tai chi can also help with this.

6. Get yourself a proper sleep pattern – 8 hours are needed to restore the body and balance.

7. Be sure to follow a skin care regime that is suitable for your skin type so as not to upset the balance. All your skin care products should be professional and individually selected.
8. Maintain hygiene – healthy skin starts with clear skin. Keep your bedding clean – be sure to change the pillowcase every night. Dead skin cells that naturally remain on our pillow can cause significant hygiene damage. Use paper towels instead of rag towels. And don't forget to clean your makeup brushes regularly.
9. Don't overuse make-up – keep make-up to a minimum, and if you can't do without make-up, be sure to read the fine print for ingredients, it's important that the make-up doesn't contain fat or silicone.
10. Don't exercise skin on your own. It is forbidden! Squeeze! Pimples! By squeezing out the affected area, we are actually putting extra pressure on the inflammation we already have under the skin and just helping it spread.
About Rivka Zayde Laboratories:

Rivka Zayde Laboratories – a clinic in Ramat Gan, specializing exclusively in acne problems. Together with her biochemist husband Roni Zaide, Rivka created her own unique method of getting rid of acne using high-tech devices and her own line of natural cosmetics. The percentage of successful cure in this clinic, which has been in existence for 22 years, is impressive – about 92% of the complete elimination of acne.

The clinic has solutions for all types of acne, from its mild stages to the most severe and hormonal. The advantage of the method is that Rivka Zaide has developed a special program that significantly improves the condition of the skin, but does not harm other body systems, like some other ways to get rid of acne, for example, medications. This is a natural, drug-free and non-contact method that has no side effects.

The exclusive technique is based on complex treatment in the clinic and at home. An individual treatment program is selected for each patient, depending on the type of problem. One of the main components of the – These are drugs that are developed and produced in the laboratories of a clinic in Israel based on natural ingredients and medicinal plants. All preparations have been approved by the Ministry of Health.

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