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 1.6 meters long: the new Google Keyboard < /p>

Google Japan is releasing a fun new keyboard that repels cats and enables collaboration on the same computer.

It's not entirely clear who's going to buy it, but Google Japan offers for sale the weirdest keyboard you've ever seen. Unlike traditional keyboards, Google Japan offers an “ordered” keyboard a keyboard where all the keys are arranged in one row in alphabetical order.

In a video made by the company about the new keyboard, the designers explain that it is 1.65 meters long and claim that its narrow design is especially effective at busy desks. In the humorous video, the creators present some of the advantages of the narrow keyboard. it when you work from home with it, and its length will prevent others from sitting too close to you while working in the office, or alternatively allow you to work together on the same computer.
For those who have problems with the search for keys on the old keyboard – on the new keyboard you can remember the location of each key on the keyboard centimeters from the edge. The video suggests using the keyboard for many additional options, such as measuring the height of children, as well as turning off the light by remotely pressing the switch.

Although this is a joke, Google Japan took this invention seriously. Although the company does not sell keyboards, it has published a detailed assembly guide for a long keyboard, which includes code snippets and images for illustration, and all that remains is — is to wait for the first user to start building it.
This isn't the first time Google Japan has “invented” strange keyboards. The company has already released a keyboard that is both a cup of coffee (to prevent coffee from spilling onto the keyboard) and a clapperboard-based keyboard. April first products, but they still seem to be looking for reasons to advertise funny keyboards regardless of the date.

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